YOU have the power to change your world, by how you feed yourself and your family.

Let’s take a look at the American culture at present, regarding food.

In Los Angeles, many people are well versed in understanding the benefits of eating a plant based diet, with an emphases on raw organic plant foods. I’m constantly surprised, even when I travel just 2 hours outside LA, at the difference in restaurants and grocery stores.

What percentage of America is truly in shape and feeling great? Observe around you.

Certainly, there are pockets in every city with quaint raw food restaurants. The Chocola Tree in Sadona comes to mind, a beautiful raw food cafe. (The Chocola Tree kale chips and nori nachos may be available at a health food store near you, highly recommended). Great spots in San Fran, Chicago, and New York are popping up, and more communities are embracing organic cafes, vegan restaurants, farmers markets, and organic clothing boutiques.

This is great news for our culture. The awareness of the benefits of raw foods will continue to grow. We are at the beginning.

Our culture is in a paradox, there are many who understand and practice truly natural ways of living and medicine and thrive as a result. And there are those with no knowledge of food as medicine or the body’s innate design to heal itself, and suffer as a result.

Presently we give medicinal authority to a medical framework that does not include nutrition in the formula for healing, or the notion that the body is designed to heal itself, when given the proper fuel.

YOU have the power to change your world, by how you feed yourself and your family. What you buy and what you grow effects the entire organism as a whole. We each are an incredible part of the ONE in that way.

Being the house chef, or the cook for the home is no easy job. It’s an incredibly important job. The quality of the fuel you put on the table, determines the quality of the proteins that make up your organs, nerves and hormones. Food has the job of building your body on a moment to moment basis, and supporting the chemical super system that makes up our emotional selves.

Can good organic whole foods effect aspects of your life like your happiness and professional success? Most definitely. We are what we eat on every level. Think about the vibrational nature of everything you consume. May this be your practice, and see how every area of your life becomes enhanced by consuming foods from high vibrational sources.

I highly recommend cleansing the system with a 3 week plant based diet, with foods that are loaded with enzymes and oxygen. The cleanse helps to reset your system. The shift is undeniable, you will feel and see the results.

Complete instructions and recipes for a 3 week detoxifying diet are in The SuperNatural Green Diet ebook download $9.99

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