What is Structured Water?

Ideally, drinking water means drinking life force energy, a perfect design. Water comprises 70-90 % of the human body. It is impossible to sustain life for more that a week without water.  Water exists outside the cell, as well as inside, acting within each cell to transport nutrients and dispel waste. It is also impossible to be healthy if water’s life-giving properties are not optimal.


Structured Water is optimal water because it’s molecular structure is such that it neutralizes all toxins and memory. Around every healthy cell of the body, structured water is found. Around every diseased cell, unstructured water is found.

What exactly is structured water, you might be thinking?  Structured water has a balanced pH, is free of memory and is rich with life force energy. Water in nature is structured.


The natural flow of water along rocks and river beds keep water molecules in a perfect geometric shape that allows the water molecule to pull all toxins into itself, keeping the outside of the water cells clear and free of toxins. The outside of the water molecule is the part that gets absorbed into your cells, and the inside part holding the toxins gets washed away in your urine and sweat to recycle itself, or rather it gets transmuted into a more productive vibration.

Victor Shauberger tells us in the book The Water Wizard written by Callum Coats, that there are as many varieties of water as there are animals and plants. The significance of this is outstanding. Water isn’t water, as they say, however all water is most capable of becoming structured water, pure positive life force energy.

An easy way to structure your drinking water is to create motion, or a vortex in the water. This is achieved by stirring or shaking the water vessel in several directions to create a vortex (spinning water) in the water. The vortex motion is similar to water’s experience in nature and will heal the water back to it’s original structure. This motion adds the electron to the water molecule that it lost by going through the treatment plants and metal pipes.

It’s important to have structured water in our showers, tubs, and sinks as well because there is fluoride, chlorine and many other harsh chemicals that get absorbed into our system when we shower and bathe.

Our gardens thrive with structured water. It’s not good to water our plants with acidic  “dead” water either.

Fortunately, there are water structuring devices that brilliantly and simply structure water.

Ranging from as little as $125 for a portable unit, to only $999 for an entire house unit.  on (insert link).

I highly recommend the Natural Action Water Units. They are THE BEST water devices because they require no filters and extra parts. You NEVER have to replace anything or buy anything to maintain it.  These  Water Structuring Units are VERY AFFORDABLE.

The Whole House Unit is $999. This is $3,000-$4,000 LESS than the whole house unit alternatives.



SHOWER UNIT for $249, or a SINK UNIT for $349.







GARDEN UNITS, both large and small starting at $349. I love the garden units. You will use about 30% less water, and if you have vegetables, fruits and herbs, they will absolutely flourish when given structured water. Structured water is what they really want, and how they truly thrive.














COMMERCIAL UNITS for your office or industrial space are just $1499. This eliminates the needs to have 5 gallon bottled water, which is harmful for the environment, and costly to the business owner. Just watch how the energy of the entire office or warehouse changes when structured water is coursing the veins of the building. Washing your hands and making coffee with perfectly PH balanced life force energy is very different than washing in, and using acidic dead water for coffee and tea. It’s amazing how you can change the energy of your space when you install a water structuring unit. Your own energy shifts as well because we are water.

Bottled water, for the most part,  is acidic dead water and comes at a great cost to the environment.  Plastic water bottles are made from petroleum and are among the biggest sources of garbage pollution. Most bottled water comes from a tap that has used thousands of chemicals to “clean” it. Water “dies” under those conditions.

They are very easy to install. Installation instructions for all the various types of units are found on the NEWS page.



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