Top Ten Reasons To Eat Kale


Top Ten Reasons To Eat Kale! 

“Yes!  I love this topic.”  Shouts the girl who is wildly in love with the plant foods of the earth.

This article will share with you facts about how eating kale will help you live a super, human life.  Kale is a documented superfood that will help you truly thrive.

Thriving can be defined as to grow or develop (regenerate) well or vigorously, and to prosper or flourish.  Sound good to anyone?

Do you realize that what you eat effects how happy you are? How successful you are?  How loving and available you are to your family? We have heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” but have we stopped to embody that wonderfully simple yet profound wisdom?

I’m here to show you that eating for mind body excellence can be absolutely easy and delicious.  I urge you to take a moment and think about how you physically feel on a day-to-day basis.  Do you feel like exercising or playing?  Do you feel like eating clean foods?  Do you feel genuinely fundamentally happy? Do you like how you look naked?  Do you like how you look naked sitting up straight with the lights on? (smile)

All of these questions ask you to open up to greater possibilities in life, a greater life experience, and a greater expression of self.  And YES, the food we eat plays a large part in this.


So…. The Top Ten reasons to eat kale are…

#1) Cleanliness is Godliness. Kale is like a broom; it’s sweeps and cleans your system.  Kale is a leafy green vegetable that contains health promoting, sulfur-containing phytonutrients. These compounds actually signal our genes to increase the production of enzymes involved in detoxification.  Detoxification is the cleansing process through which our bodies eliminate the environmental and food related toxins we’ve absorbed and ingested. Thus helping to clear potentially carcinogenic substances more quickly.  Yep, Kale is a great housekeeper.


#2) Kale contributes to your super, human vision. Vitamins A and K, and beta-carotene are important vision nutrients, and guess what?  1 cup of boiled kale has over 1000 percent of the daily value of vitamin K, and over 150 percent of the daily value of vitamin A and beta-carotene. I wonder how much the raw kale has?  SUPERFOOD! It makes you super.


#3) Kale is a great source of vitamin C!  Just one cup of this beautiful green supplies 88.8% of the daily value for vitamin C. Vitamin C is the primary water-soluble antioxidant in the body, disarming free radicals and preventing damage to both the inside and outside of cells. This means Vitamin C is paramount in looking and feeling your best. What do you think an aging body is? It’s a body that has, over time, not gotten the enzymes, vitamins and minerals it needs.  Vitamin C has been proven to boost immunity, improve skin collagen, improve absorption of iron, and a multitude of other incredible physical and mental benefits.

#4) Magnesium! Very important mineral! It is responsible for over 300 functions in the body. Anybody tired? Eat some Kale! It is an all-star nutrient that assists in energy production in the body. Magnesium contributes to strong bones by assisting in calcium assimilation and production in the body. Magnesium is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids that are important for a healthy nervous system and in the production of cholesterol that is used by the body to produce sex hormones. I could go on and on, there IS more, but I want to keep this brief.

#5) Magnesium’s great partner is Calcium, which is very present in this wonderful green superfood. Calcium is one of the nutrients needed to make healthy bones among many other physical benefits.  Dairy products are a heavily promoted source of this nutrient. However there are many reasons to avoid heavy consumption of dairy. Thank you for letting me introduce you to another wonderful source of calcium. …Bringing me to my next top ten reasons to eat kale…

#6) Kale is a very low calorie food, particularly when you consider the massive dose of nutrients you get. Kale has ¼ of the calories of milk for the same amount of calcium, FYI.  Kale has less than 40 calories per cup.

#7) Enzymes, Enzymes, and more Enzymes. Eat raw kale with your cooked meals and the kale will help digest and assimilate your cooked food. Therefore your body doesn’t have to take enzymes from itself to digest the food that has been eaten, which is devoid of enzymes because of heating and/or processing. So…you won’t feel tired after you eat. For a more thorough explanation of how enzymes work in the body please go to the enzymes page on


#8) Kale’s health benefits continue with its fiber. A cup of kale provides 10.4% of the daily value for fiber, which has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels thus helping to prevent all kinds of discomforts. Fiber can also help out by keeping blood sugar levels under control, so kale is an excellent vegetable for people with diabetes. Fiber is key in keeping your intestinal system clean. In Addition, kale’s fiber binds to cancer-causing chemicals, keeping them away from the cells lining the colon, providing yet another line of protection from colon cancer.

#9) Kale is so easy to grow!  I recommend growing your own if you live outside the city, with nice clean fresh air. In California kale grows year round.  In areas with 4 seasons, kale grows best in the fall. A light frost will produce especially sweet kale leave. Be like Michelle Obama and plant your own garden!  It can be easy and fun!

#10) The tenth reason to eat kale, and maybe it should be the first, is because IT TASTES GOOD. Yah, It actually tastes so fantastic.  Rip it up and have it raw by massaging your favorite natural salad dressing into it.  My favorite dressing is a blend of cold pressed olive oil, tamari and yellow mustard. Delicious. Steam or boil your kale, (if you really want all those vitamins drink the water you boiled it in. I love to do that with beets.) Blend your raw kale.  Blend apple, lemon and ginger with kale and 3 cups of water making it The Breakfast of Champs! You can watch a demo of this simple recipe on the Raw Clips page.

Dehydrate or lightly bake your kale for amazing kale chips. (Thanks Andy!) Put kale in your lasagna, or any gluten free pasta, and mix it in your sauces. It’s fun to try new things, especially if it benefits your health.


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Written by

Blythe Metz


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